Two egghead sculptures on campus called Yin and Yang.
Collaborative Concerts

creative projects by graduate students

Over the course of four individual academic years (2018, 2019, 2020, 2021/22), Prof. Kurt Rohde (Music) has created a series of collaborative projects engaging graduate students from Music, Creative Writing, and Theatre and Dance, to make original music-sound-text-dramatic works together. 

Since collaborative projects introduce the possibility of more enduring, productive creative relationships, and are spaces to explore alternative ways to address issues of social justice, identity, and political concerns, these collaborations have allowed students who otherwise would not have had the opportunity to create work together to have conversations and shared practices with the values of respect, egalitarianism, invention and innovation, and consent. 

Special guest interdisciplinary artists have included Brooklyn Art Song Society, The Living Earth Show, composer-performer Zachary Watkins, soprano Ann Moss, as well as graduate student performers, and faculty members Lucy Corin (Creative Writing) and Margaret Kemp (Theatre and Dance).

2021–22 Collaborations
2020 Collaborations
2019 Collaborations
2018 Collaborations