Two egghead sculptures on campus called Yin and Yang.
"See / Hear / Say"

a Collaborative Concert

This concert is a collaboration of graduate students in music composition and creative writing, with artist-in-residence Zachary James Watkins. Watkins has been working with the creative students in a series of workshops, with additional guidance by music department faculty Kurt Rohde and Sam Nichols.

The work has been developing organically using words and electronic media in addition to the musicians.

“See / Hear / Say” is sponsored by the UC Davis Humanities Institute’s “HumArts” Research Clusters, which provides a space for research and collaboration which is not easily accomplished in a single department or program.


Graduate Student Ensemble Musicians
Orkun Akyol
Dean Kervin Boursiquot
Paul Engle
Trey Makler 
Joseph D. Peterson
Adam Strawbridge 
Colin Minigan
Leanny Muñoz
Devin Christopher Romines 
Joseph Vasinda
Emily Joy Sullivan

Graduate Writers from the Creative Writing Program
Amanda Hawkins ​
Claudia Ross 

Undergraduate Participant from Theatre & Dance
Tessa Fray